Muzaffarabad  21 February 2023 The meeting of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly resumed after a break under the chairmanship of Speaker Assembly Chaudhry Anwar Haq. In the meeting, a committee was formed under the leadership of Speaker Assembly on Local Government Act 2020. Senior Most Minister Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, Opposition Leader Chaudhry Latif were in the committee. Akbar, Minister of Agriculture and Animal Affairs Sardar Mir Akbar Khan, Minister of Insulation and Public Works Azhar Sadiq, Members of Assembly Mian Abdul Loheed, MLA Colonel (retd) Waqar Ahmad Noor, MLA Hasan Ibrahim and Nabila Ayub included. While giving a ruling on the privilege, the speaker of the assembly directed the minister of physical planning and housing to submit a report to the assembly by tomorrow morning regarding the allotment of rooms in the Wehjamun and Kashmir House Islamabad. Fatiha was recited in the house for the elevation of Chishti and other deceased. Several resolutions were presented in the meeting which were unanimously approved. In the resolution presented by the Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Latif Akbar and MLA Mian Abdul Waheed, it was said that hundreds of women, children and elderly people demonstrated and protested against the seizure of properties and the search and siege operations of the occupying forces in Occupied Kashmir. Dr. Fai, Ghulam Safi, Ali Raza Syed spoke in the sit-in. This House strongly condemns the occupation of the properties and lands of the oppressed Kashmiris by the Indian forces and demands from the international nations that India, which earlier deprived the freedom of the Kashmiris, should now, through various black laws, deprive the oppressed Kashmiris of their lands. If this is not done, the Kashmiri people will be forced to protest, which is likely to worsen the situation and the Indian government plans to create such an atmosphere of chaos. Arrest the Kashmiri leadership in false cases. Therefore, this House condemns this plan of India and demands that it implements the Fourth Geneva Convention in the occupied valley, which was also demanded by the Kashmiri leadership during the protest demonstration. Presented by MLA Ms. Nisaran Abbasi In the resolution, it was said that in the opinion of this meeting of the Legislative Assembly, Kashmiri women had to suffer from various tortures during the freedom movement of Kashmir. Sometimes the agony of divorce, sometimes the painful death of elderly parents, sometimes the martyrdom of innocent brothers after innocent arrests in fake police encounters, sometimes innocent children being picked up from educational institutions as suspicious, and sometimes facing gang rape. Along with these many problems, the Kashmiri women, which the women of the free part of the state are also suffering from, is that in the last decades, during the era of Omar Abdullah in the occupied state, the freedom fighters fought in the freedom movement, giving the illusion of a peace. An offer was made to come back to Occupied Kashmir and it was said that if any Hurriyat wants to be peaceful and settle in the state with his family, the government is ready to give him safe shelter. As a result of this offer, many libertarian youths who had settled in the independent part of the state with their families after marrying local women took advantage of this offer to return to the occupied state through Nepal and other routes. When these women from the independent part crossing from here reached there, the Occupied Kashmir administration refused to give them civil rights and at that time, these women are around 350 to 400 in total and they are stumbling in Darbadr. Many have got married. The administration of Occupied Kashmir refuses to issue any documents to them. As a result of which these women suffer from various mental diseases. Therefore, in the opinion of this honorable house, arrangements should be made to provide legal documents to these helpless women in the occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir so that these women can be freed based on their documents. They can come to Kashmir and meet their loved ones and decide their future. Both the presented resolutions were unanimously approved.

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